Swarming Drones Projects

We have worked with customers over the past few years on projects involving our swarming technology.

We use a combination of technologies like high speed long range data links and centremeter level positioning RTK GPS with our drones. This allows them to all communicate with each other and the ground control station providing a single layer of control for many drones at the same time in a swarm formation. These drones can then be used to perform tasks as a coherent group.

Fleet Lights

In 2016 we worked on a project with Saatchi for their customer Direct Line to demonstrate the use of drones to help light the way for people, this project involved the development of the technology and presentation of it's use for their Fleet Lights service.

fleet lights swarming drones

search and rescue drone swarm

Lifeboat Drones

We have demonstrated this techology with a lifeboat at sea for search and rescue services, the drones provide many eyes in the sky with spot lights, much the same as having several coastguard helicopters on scene.

Caister lifeboat drones swarm

lifeboat drones swarm project

caister lifeboat drones search rescue